GSE68951   Details

GSE Accession GSE68951
Title miRNA Profiles in lung cancer patients and controls with other non-cancer lung diseases
Submission Date 5/15/15
Last Update Date 9/24/15
Pubmed ID 26078336
Experiment Type Non-coding RNA profiling by array
Contributor Petra,,Leidinger; Andreas Keller
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Organization Name
Organism Homo sapiens
Organism ID 9606
Organism Synonym man; human
Summary This project analyzes plasma profiles of patients suffering from lung cancer and controls with other non-cancer lung diseases
Overall Design Analysis of plasma obtained from 26 patients collected at up to 8 time points and from 12 controls
Platform ID
Timepoint Count 47
Timepoints gsm: [d_1, d_6, h_1, y_7, h_6, t_1, y_1, m_5, m_7, h_4, d_7, h_5, m_6, d_2, w_7, w_2, w_5, w_8, h_2, m_2, w_4, y_3, y_6, t_8, d_4, y_2, t_5, y_5, d_5, w_3, m_8, t_3, t_4, m_1, t_6, w_6, t_7, d_3, d_8, w_1, y_8, m_3, y_4, m_4, h_7, t_2, h_3]
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