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GSE Accession GSE44743
Title Expression data from Zea mays developmental series.
Submission Date 2/28/13
Last Update Date 3/3/13
Pubmed ID 23388120
Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor Gregory,S,Downs
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Organism Zea mays
Organism ID 4577
Organism Synonym maize; Zea mays var. japonica
Summary Through hierarchical clustering of transcript abundance data across a diverse set of tissues and developmental stages in maize, we have identified a number of coexpression modules which describe the transcriptional circuits of maize development.
Overall Design We examined transcript abundance data at 50 developmental stages/tissues of maize, from embryogenesis to senescence, using a custom Affymetrix Unigene array.; The VE stage is germination and emergence; Vn leaf stage refers to when the collar of the nth leaf is visible.
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Timepoint Count 50
Timepoints gse: [Timepoints, 50]
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