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GSE Accession GSE96997
Title Investigating global transcript dynamics in mitotically arrested budding yeast cells
Submission Date 2017-03-24
Last Update Date 2017-09-22
Pubmed ID 28934013
Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor Chun-Yi,,Cho; Steven,B,Haase
Contact Name Steven,B,Haase
Contact E-mail
Organization Name Duke University
Country USA
Organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae;Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Organism ID
Organism Synonym S. cerevisiae;brewer's yeast;baker's yeast;fission yeast
Summary Transcript dynamics in mitotic exit mutants in the S. cerevisiae BF264-15D strain background. We examined the extent to which periodic cell-cycle transcription persisted in cells arrested in anaphase with intermediate level of B-cyclins.
Overall Design Early G1 cells were obtained by Îą-factor arrest at 25°C and then released at 37°C for time-series microarray.; ; This study includes new samples and re-analyzed samples from GSE8799, GSE32974 and GSE49650.
Platform ID
Timepoint Count 30
Timepoints gsm: [30min_, 46min_, 62min_, 78min_, 94min_, 110min_, 126min_, 142min_, 158min_, 174min_, 190min_, 206min_, 222min_, 238min_, 254min_, 38min_, 54min_, 70min_, 86min_, 102min_, 118min_, 134min_, 150min_, 166min_, 182min_, 198min_, 214min_, 230min_, 246min_, 262min_]
Disease cardiac arrest
Disease ID 60319