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GSE Accession GSE9302
Title A perturbation in the system leads to period doubling
Submission Date 10/11/07
Last Update Date 3/17/12
Pubmed ID 17043222
Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor Robert,R,Klevecz; Caroline,M,Li
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Organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Organism ID 4932; 4896
Organism Synonym Candida robusta; Saccharomyces capensis; Mycoderma cerevisiae; Saccharomyces uvarum var. melibiosus; Saccharomyces italicus; Saccharomyces oviformis; S. cerevisiae; baker's yeast; brewer's yeast; Schizosaccharomyces malidevorans; fission yeast
Summary Perturbation of the gated-synchrony system in yeast with phenelzine, an antidepressant drug used in the treatment of affective disorders in humans, leads to a rapid lengthening in the period of the genome-wide transcriptional oscillation. The effect is a concerted, genome-scale change in expression that is first seen in genes maximally expressed in the late-reductive phase of the cycle, doubling the length of the reductive phase within two cycles after treatment. Clustering of genes based on their temporal patterns of expression yielded just three super clusters whose trajectories through time could then be mapped into a simple 3D figure. In contrast to transcripts in the late-reductive phase, most transcripts do not show transients in expression relative to others in their temporal cluster but change their period in a concerted fashion. Mapping the trajectories of the transcripts into low-dimensional surfaces that can be represented by simple systems of differential equations provides a readily testable model of the dynamic architecture of phenotype. In this system, period doubling may be a preferred pathway for phenotypic change. As a practical matter, low-amplitude, genome-wide oscillations, a ubiquitous but often unrecognized attribute of phenotype, could be a source of seemingly intractable biological noise in microarray studies.; Keywords: Time Course Experiment
Overall Design Phenelzine was added to the system after the first cycle to induce period doubling
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Timepoint Count 37
Timepoints gsm: [14.5666785714286 hours (, 14.6333571428571 hours (, 14.7000357142857 hours (, 14.7667142857143 hours (, 14.8333928571429 hours (, 14.9000714285714 hours (, 14.96675 hours (, 15.0334285714286 hours (, 15.1001071428571 hours (, 15.1667857142857 hours (, 15.2334642857143 hours (, 15.3001428571429 hours (, 15.3668214285714 hours (, 15.4335 hours (, 15.5001785714286 hours (, 15.5668571428571 hours (, 15.6335357142857 hours (, 15.7002142857143 hours (, 15.7668928571429 hours (, 15.8335714285714 hours (, 15.90025 hours (, 15.9669285714286 hours (, 16.0336071428572 hours (, 16.1002857142857 hours (, 16.1669642857143 hours (, 16.2336428571429 hours (, 16.3003214285714 hours (, 16.367 hours (, 16.4336785714286 hours (, 16.5003571428572 hours (, 16.5670357142857 hours (, 16.6337142857143 hours (, 16.7003928571429 hours (, 16.7670714285714 hours (, 16.83375 hours (, 16.9004285714286 hours (, 16.9671071428572 hours (]
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