GSE80122   Details

GSE Accession GSE80122
Title Mice carrying a human GLUD2 gene recapitulate aspects of human transcriptome and metabolome development
Submission Date 2016-04-11
Last Update Date 2016-04-27
Pubmed ID
Experiment Type Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
Contributor Qian,,Li;Song Guo;Xi Jiang;Jaroslaw Bryk;Ronald Naumann;Wolfgang Enard;Masaru Tomita;Masahiro Sugimoto;Philipp Khaitovich;Svante Pääbo
Contact Name Philipp Khaitovich
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Organization Name CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology
Country China
Organism Mus musculus
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Overall Design
Platform ID GPL13112
Timepoint Count 28
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