GSE6186   Details

GSE Accession GSE6186
Title Whole Genome Drosophila Embryogenesis Time Course
Submission Date 2006-10-28
Last Update Date 2012-09-17
Pubmed ID 17224916
Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor Sean,D,Hooper; Stephanie Boue; Roland Krause; Lars,J,Jensen; Christopher,E,Mason; Murad Ghanim; Eileen,E,Furlong; Kevin,P,White; Peer Bork
Contact Name Christopher,E,Mason
Contact E-mail
Organization Name Yale University
Country USA
Organism Drosophila melanogaster
Organism ID
Organism Synonym fruit fly
Summary We analyzed the expression of every gene in the Drosophila genome during the first 24 hours of development to examine patterns of gene activatio and repression responsbile for early development.; Keywords: Expression Arrays time course
Overall Design We isolated mRNA from each time point and hybridized against a reference set of RNA that was pooled from time points across all of development.
Platform ID
Timepoint Count 28
Timepoints gsm: [3.5 hour, 20 hour, 18 hour, 16 hour, 5.5 hour, 14 hour, 24 hour, 12 hour, 22 hour, 10 hour, 8 hour, 6 hour, 4 hour, 2 hour, 2.5 hour, 4.5 hour, 19 hour, 17 hour, 6.5 hour, 15 hour, 13 hour, 23 hour, 11 hour, 21 hour, 9 hour, 7 hour, 5 hour, 3 hour]
Disease thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome;
congenital disorder;
Disease ID 14699;