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GSE Accession GSE60112
Title Time-series DNA occupancy during the yeast respiratory cycle
Submission Date 8/5/14
Last Update Date 8/7/14
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Experiment Type Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array
Contributor Cornelia,,Amariei; Douglas,B,Murray
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Organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Organism ID 4932
Organism Synonym Candida robusta; Saccharomyces capensis; Mycoderma cerevisiae; Saccharomyces uvarum var. melibiosus; Saccharomyces italicus; Saccharomyces oviformis; S. cerevisiae; baker's yeast; brewer's yeast
Summary We use metabolically synchronous, continuously-grown yeast cultures to measure DNA occupancy and track the global patterns with respect to the metabolic state of the culture, showing a genome-wide nucleosome focusing in the reductive phase, followed by clearance of the promoter regions
Overall Design 32 timepoints protein-bound (pDNA) vs. genomic (gDNA) over 3 respiratory cycles + 3 MNase-digested naked DNA control samples.
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Timepoint Count 32
Timepoints gsm: [_tp1, _tp2, _tp3, _tp4, _tp5, _tp6, _tp7, _tp8, _tp9, _tp10, _tp11, _tp12, _tp13, _tp14, _tp15, _tp16, _tp17, _tp18, _tp19, _tp20, _tp21, _tp22, _tp23, _tp24, _tp25, _tp26, _tp27, _tp28, _tp30, _tp31, _tp32, _tp33]
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