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GSE Accession GSE469
Title Temporal profiling in muscle regeneration.
Submission Date 2003-06-26
Last Update Date 2012-10-05
Pubmed ID 12023284;25313409
Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor P,,Zhao; S Iezzi; E Carver; D Dressman; T Gridley; V Sartorelli; E,P,Hoffman
Contact Name Eric Hoffman
Contact E-mail
Organization Name Children's National Medical Center
Country USA
Organism Mus musculus
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Organism Synonym mouse;house mouse
Summary Temporal expression profiling was utilized to define transcriptional regulatory pathways in vivo in a mouse muscle regeneration model. Potential downstream targets of MyoD were identified by temporal expression, promoter data base mining, and gel shift assays; Slug and calpain 6 were identified as novel MyoD targets. Slug, a member of the snail/slug family of zinc finger transcriptional repressors critical for mesoderm/ectoderm development, was further shown to be a downstream target by using promoter/reporter constructs and demonstration of defective muscle regeneration in Slug null mice.; Keywords: other
Overall Design None
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Timepoint Count 0
Timepoints []
Disease thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome;
congenital disorder;
Disease ID 14699;