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GSE Accession GSE36040
Title Diurnal and circadian gene expression profile of leaf throughout the entire growth of rice in the field
Submission Date 2012-02-23
Last Update Date 2012-12-06
Pubmed ID 23180765;23180784
Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor Yutaka,,Sato; Baltazar Antonio; Nobukazu Namiki; Yoshiaki Nagamura
Contact Name Yutaka Sato
Contact E-mail
Organization Name National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
Country Japan
Organism Oryza sativa;Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Organism ID
Organism Synonym red rice;rice;Japonica rice;Japanese rice
Summary A continuous gene expression profiling of leaves was performed at regular interval during a 48-hr period in 9 different growth stages from transplanting until harvesting to characterize the diurnal and circadian gene expression profile of rice and to understand the transcriptional program and physiological state throughout entire the growth under natural field conditions.
Overall Design The uppermost fully expanded leaf in the main stem was collected at 2-hr intervals during a 48-hr period at 9 different growth stages encompassing the vegetative, reproductive and ripening stages. All samples were obtained from rice plants grown in the field during the 2008 cultivation season.
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Timepoint Count 225
Timepoints gsm: [15dat_, 16dat_, 17dat_, 29dat_, 30dat_, 31dat_, 43dat_, 44dat_, 45dat_, 57dat_, 58dat_, 59dat_, 78dat_, 79dat_, 80dat_, 85dat_, 86dat_, 87dat_, 92dat_, 93dat_, 94dat_, 99dat_, 100dat_, 101dat_, 113dat_, 114dat_, 115dat_]
Disease thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrome;
congenital disorder;
Disease ID 14699;