GSE13232   Details

GSE Accession GSE13232
Title Cell cycle gene expression control
Submission Date 2008-10-16
Last Update Date 2015-05-01
Pubmed ID
Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor ChihLong,,Liu; Oliver,J,Rando
Contact Name Oliver Rando
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Organization Name UMass Medical School
Country USA
Organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Organism ID
Organism Synonym S. cerevisiae;brewer's yeast;baker's yeast
Summary Gene expression data for cdc28-13 yeast released synchronously into the cell cycle.
Overall Design cdc28-13 yeast were arrested in G1 for 3 hours at 37 degrees. Cells were rapidly cooled to 25 C by mixing with an equal volume of media at 13 C, and time points were taken every 10 minutes. Cells were rapidly pelleted, and mRNA was isolated and hybridized against midlog mRNA.
Platform ID
Timepoint Count 27
Timepoints gsm: [110 min,, 120 min,, 130 min,, 140 min,, 150 min,, 0 min,, 20 min,, 10 min,, 15 min,, 30 min,, 40 min,, 50 min,, 60 min,, 70 min,, 80 min,, 90 min,, 100 min,, 45 min,, 75 min,, 105 min,, 135 min,, 165 min,, 180 min,, 195 min,, 210 min,, 225 min,, 160 min,]
Disease migraine
Disease ID 6364