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GSE Accession GSE114190
Title Modulation of medaka transcriptome by trametinib and cisplatin
Submission Date 5/8/18
Last Update Date 5/9/18
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Experiment Type Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing
Contributor Barbara,,Klotz; Susanne Kneitz; William Boswell; Yuan Lu; Manfred Schartl; Ronald Walter; Wesley Warren; John Postlethwait
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Summary We employed a transgenic strain of a small aquarium fish medaka (Oryzias latipes) that overexpresses a malignant melanoma driver gene. In this model, melanoma develops with 100 % penetrance. Using the medaka malignant melanoma model, we tested whether cisplatin and trametinib are able to suppress the transcriptomic changes induced by the transgene.;
Overall Design Wild type, or transgenic medaka (3-4 weeks old, 10±1mm long) were treated with 70uM Cisplatin, 20nM Trametinib, Saline, DMSO, or not treated. Five days after drug or solvent treatment, total RNA was isolated from whole fish. RNA-Seq was performed on sequencing libraries constructed from poly-A RNA.
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