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GSE Accession GSE110670
Title Differential gene expression changes to oral immunotherapy by a multi-antigenic peptide at different time points of atherosclerotic disease progression
Submission Date 2/15/18
Last Update Date 1/1/19
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Experiment Type Expression profiling by array
Contributor Lakshmi,N,Thota; Lakshmi,A,Mundkur
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Summary To understand the changes in gene expression by oral immunotherapy to a multi-antigenic construct consisting AHC (ApoB, HSP60 and chlamydia pneumonia outer membrane protein) at different stages of atherosclerotic development, double knock out Apobtm2Sgy/Ldltm1Her mice were fed with high-fat after 5 oral doses with respective highfat diet alone controls at 0,6,18 and 30 weeks.
Overall Design Double knockout mice treated with AHC and untreated were fed on high cholesterol diet were sacrificed after 0, 6, 8, 18 and 30 weeks and RNA was extracted for Microarray analysis from the ascending aorta of the animals.
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